The Apple Watch Series 4 might have a longer return period thanks to the ECG app

The Apple Watch health features might provide an affordance with the return policy.

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Apple has a strict 14-day return policy on most of its products. But that may change for its newest wearable, the Apple Watch Series 4.

MacRumors reports that the new Apple Watch will be getting an extended 45-day return policy thanks to the heart-tracking features in the smartwatch.

The Apple Watch Series 4 is set to receive an electrocardiography (ECG) companion app in the coming works. It should be arriving alongside the watchOS 5.1.2 update for all Series 4 models. 

The leaked document obtained by MacRumors doesn’t provide much insight into the reason behind the extended return period. It does explain, though, that returning the Watch past the two-week period will require a customer to do it through Apple Support.

This essentially means the customer must contact the support team over the phone, through email, or chat on the company’s website or the iOS Support app. The document says that Apple Store employees are not required to inspect the Watch if a customer has a heart-tracking feature issue. So, as long as you mention the ECG app or improper heart rhythm notifications, your refund should go accepted.

The ECG feature is highly anticipated because it’s not available on any other version of the Apple Watch except the newest Series 4 version. Apple was proud to announce during its launch event that the FDA approved the device. The test is not equivalent to a medical-grade diagnostic one, but rather a chance to gain some insights. So if you notice an unusual heartbeat, it might be wise to make an appointment and share it with a doctor.

Since Gen.1, the Apple Watch has been providing heart rate readings.

Since Gen.1, the Apple Watch has been providing heart rate readings.


Like fall detection, this ECG reading is more of a safety net and a chance to provide users with a little more insight into his or her well being. It continues Apple’s push into the healthcare industry and shows that the company is heavily interested. From building clinics on its campus to encouraging healthier living through activity challenges on the Apple Watch.

Hopefully, once Apple rolls out the ECG app, the company will shine a light on this increased return period. For now, we’ll just keep counting our steps.

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