Russian scientists unveil plan to colonize the moon

Russia has unveiled plans to build a colony on the moon within 20 years.

Dmitry Rogozin, the head of Russian space agency Roscosmos said: “This is the very important moment for Roscosmos.”

He said that the organization was struggling with financial burdens but there was a clear five-year plan that would lead to a new age of space technology.

Anatoly Petrukovich of the Russian Academy of Sciences said: “A trip to Mars with the current state of space travel technology is too complicated.

“The moon, therefore, is a much more logical goal.”

“The project we are experimenting with is for the long-term habitation by humans. It is about a colony on the surface of the moon.”

He was referring to a previous program drafted by Roscosmos in 2014 that put forward the idea of a three-stage lunar project that attracted hundreds of applications from aspiring astronauts.

The three stages involved first of all the creation of the module orbiting the moon, followed by the landing of workers involved in the construction of the base and finally the establishment of a lunar colony that among other things will maintain a telescope on the dark side of the moon.

Work could start as soon as 2025 according to a statement by Yevgeny Mikrin, head designer at the country’s space program.

The final plans will be completed by next year.

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