Make Snow Globe Christmas Ornaments / Recycle Old Christmas Cards / Dollar Tree DIY

Make Snow Globe Christmas Ornaments / Recycle Old Christmas Cards / Dollar Tree DIY
On Todays Video.
I want to show you how i Make Recycled Christmas Ornaments using recycled Christmas cards. this Dollar Tree DIY is the perfect way to recycle your Christmas cards and turn them in to beautiful Ornaments for your tree or to give away as a Christmas present.

With this Dollar Tree DIY you will learn How To Recycle Old Christmas Cards and turn them in to gorgeous Christmas ornaments for your Christmas tree

Day #21 of 25 Days Of Christmas

My Favorite Tools

Glue Pellets

Glue Pan

Florist Foam

Buffalo Plaid Ribbon

Magnolia Stem

Frosted Cedar Stem

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  1. This such a cool project do with your family it reminds me when my children were small we would this but with phots of our family members and recorate bith sides..Thank you Ramon for sharing such a pretty and easy ornament DIY..

  2. Perfect use also last year's Christmas pictures to make them personal. Sorry to say never thought of just rolling and then insert. I've been looking for the ones to take apart. I like this better. Love to you.

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