I’m A Celeb: Fans SLAM Harry Redknapp and boycott voting as he calls out Nick Knowles

I’m A Celebrity fans have turned on Harry Redknapp

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! fans turned on Harry Redknapp, declaring the former Tottenham boss had “lost their vote”, after a spirited war of words with Nick Knowles.

Harry, 71, had taken issue with Nick’s decision to take on the bulk of challenges in the Rancid race trail, calling him out for seemingly playing for immunity not food tokens for the overall camp.

He said: “All this cobblers about we don’t care who wins is a load of cobblers. Now let’s all be honest with each other, it’s now dog eats dog otherwise why would Nick go three times when he knows he can’t lose, when really it should have been 2, 2, 1.”

I'm A Celebrity: Nick Knowles and Harry Redknapp lock hornsI’m A Celebrity: Nick Knowles and Harry Redknapp locked horns in the Rancid Races task[REX]

Nick looked at Harry and replied: “Cause I wanted a meal tonight.” 

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This prompted Harry to add: “Nah, I think you wanted immunity.” Nick disagreed and said: “I wanted a meal.”

Harry said: “This is the man who goes to the rugby club and drinks pints of beer for fun, how you going to beat him. We may have not bothered drinking that s**t, let him win.”

I'm A Celebrity: Nick Knowles and Harry Redknapp lock hornsI’m A Celebrity: Harry, 71, accused Nick of only playing for immunity [REX]

He continued: “Yeah but he wouldn’t go 3 times, he’d go 2, 2, 1 that’s what should have happened, I would have stuck Fleur in 3 times. 

“Listen let’s not kid ourselves, when the crunch comes everyone will be walking all over each other because that’s what you wanna do. Everyone wants to win, let’s not kid ourselves.”

Yet his angry, and unexpected, outburst prompted a backlash against the viewer favourite, who had previously been tipped for the jungle crown.

I'm A Celebrity: Nick Knowles and Harry Redknapp lock hornsI’m A Celebrity: Fans were angry at his outburst and said they would not vote for him [REX]

One took to Twitter to write: “Harry’s just lost any chance of getting my vote.”

Another giggled: “Alright Harry, keep your hair on! Bet games night round his gaff is a right laugh!”

A third then posted: “Harry was my winner but after what he just did to Nick urmm Thank you, Next #ImACeleb Nick worked hard, they wanted food not immunity. Harry just revealed his nasty side.”

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