How banning plastic could be more harmful to the environment

A plastics ban could cause even more environmental harm, say experts.

TV shows such as the BBC’s “Blue Planet” have highlighted the damage it does littering the sea.

But swapping to glass or metal could double global energy consumption and triple greenhouse gases said scientists at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh.

Instead they are calling for plastic to be reused rather than ditched after just one use.

They said replacing plastics with other available packaging, such as glass or metal, could lead to a doubling of global energy consumption and a tripling of greenhouse gas emissions.

Professor David Bucknall said: “Almost everything we touch on a daily basis is made of plastic or contains plastic.”

“So while some people may wish for plastics to be reduced or banned, we need to ensure we are replacing them with materials that are better for the planet.”

“In many cases, there is no credible alternative to using a plastic so we need to move towards a ‘circular economy’ for plastics, rather than the largely ‘make-use-dispose’ model we currently adopt.”

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