Honest Trailers have done ‘Elf’ and Buddy would not be happy The Poke

Any day now, you’ll suddenly get the urge to eat mince pies, listen to Noddy Holder scream at shoppers, and watch the Marmite of Christmas films – Elf. In the 2003 Christmas movie, Will Ferrell stars as a human brought up by elves, who heads off to New York to find his birth father, who turns out to be the most un-Christmasy person ever. What’s not to like? Don’t answer that.

By popular request, the gang over at Honest Trailers have given us the truth about Elf, voiced by the amazing Jon Bailey – and it’s not pretty.

“Meet Buddy, an orphan abandoned by his mother after a one-night stand, who’s stolen by Santa, raised by a family who think he’s a burden and gets sent to New York with nothing but the clothes on his back to find his real dad, who thinks he’s mentally ill and wants nothing to do with him.”

We don’t remember seeing that on the poster.

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