10 Body Features Only 5% of People Have

All people in the world are different, and every one is unique. And yet some of us have rare features that occur in only a few percents of humans. Do you know anybody whose bones are harder than concrete?
We are going to tell you about the most unusual and mind-blowing characteristics only a few people have. Some are just nice physical features, but there are those Superman himself would envy!

Incredibly dense bones 1:02
“Golden” blood 2:01
Long palmar muscle 2:50
Genetic chimerism 3:40
Double lash line 5:00
A hole near the ear 5:45
Additional ribs 6:29
Ability to perceive “invisible” colors 7:21
Small need for sleep 8:37
The impossibility of cholesterol growth 9:40

– Studying the gene LRP5 (responsible for the mineralization of bones), scientists discovered mutations which cause diseases accompanied by bone fragility. Yet there is another type of LRP5 mutation: it gives a person super dense bones that are almost impossible to break and skin that is less prone to aging. Such bones are several times tougher than those of an average person.
– On the surface of every red blood cell, people typically have about 342 antigens, 160 of which can be found in almost everybody. If a person has a lack of at least one of these antigens, their blood is rare.
– A recent study has shown that 16 percent of people don’t have this thin tendon. It is too weak to affect your grip, and even if it is cut, it won’t make any visible changes.
– Human chimerism is an additional set of DNA. Sometimes it appears in the form of “mosaic” skin or heterochromia, but most often it remains unnoticed.
– Distichiasis usually doesn’t bring any inconvenience. People with this unusual feature may have just several sparse hairs growing on one lid or full lines of lashes doubling the ones everybody has.
– A hole near the ear is a congenital auricular fistula, formed during fetal development, occurring in about 5% of people. In fact, in the USA less than 1 percent of people have them, in Asia and some parts of Africa this figure is higher – from 5 to 10 percent.
– Every adult out of 500 individuals has an extra rib. While all the other people have two dozens, these “lucky” ones can have 25 or even 26 ribs in their body. “Excessive” ribs are more often found in women.
– With a dandelion, we describe its color as yellow. A tetrachromatic person will see a whole range of shades. This condition is caused by the mutations in the X chromosome. This difference allows people to see up to 99 million colors, while an ordinary person perceives not more than 1 million.
– The DEC2 gene is a small mutation found in low-sleep people. Scientists from the University of California concluded that people with the DEC2 mutation could perform all the same tasks in less time. Can you imagine, having just 4 hours of sleep daily, you will get 60 days of free time a year!
– There’s a tiny group of lucky people who can eat almost anything without worrying about cholesterol. Their risk of developing heart disease is reduced by as much as 90%. While an average American is straining to reach a perfect result of fewer than 100 milligrams of “bad cholesterol” per deciliter of blood, people with this mutation have about 15!

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  1. I have 2 long palmer muscles and the sleep thing 😀 I sleep for about 3-4 hours everyday and I'm fine 🙂 I usually go to bed about midnight and wake up at 4, go to work for 12 hours and I'm all good ^_^

  2. Hi there. I think I may have the extra dense bones mentioned in this video. I have only managed to fractured my sternum, which I did by hitting the top corner of a Holden Kingswood Ute Car door (that opened right on me)while cycling at about 40kph (25mph). I flew about 10m through the air. Another Holden Station wagon knocked me out when it turned up its driveway as I was cycling…No broken bones. I was run over on my bike by a painter in his panel van and trapped underneath…no broken bones. I hit a closed gate at night time, with speed on my bike (broken light). I flew over the gate with my bike and left teeth marks in the handle bars…no broken bones. I rammed into the back of a van on my bike at speed, when it braked suddenly…no broken bones. I hit my forehead with considerable velocity using the back of an axe head…no broken bones. I impaled my thigh on a spade when I got speed wobbles riding my bike down a hill surfaced with gravel…no broken bones. I tried to impale myself on a 3/4 inch plumbing pipe sticking out of the ground, when I tripped over a toy trying to put a fire out…no broken bones. I have fallen down a rock face and ripped my leg open…no broken bones. I was charged by a semi-domestic Red Deer Stag which I blocked with my left forearm…no broken bones. I was charged be another larger Red Deer stag and hit in the left rib cage by his antler…no broken bones and still alive. I have fallen about 5 metres out of a tree and hit my left shoulder blade on a root that was sticking out of the ground…no broken bones. I had a 1.4 ton steel sheet bounce on my finger…no broken bones. I hit the pavement at speed when my skate wheel caught a stone as I was landing after a jump…no broken bones. I had better stop…I think you get the idea. This is not a comprehensive list, but enough to give the reader the idea.

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