Reddit’s Try Not To Laugh Challenge [ORIGINAL]

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Articles have been written about this video! That’s just blowing my mind.

Here is a list of where this video has been featured:

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I’ll admit, the 9/11-joke is in poor-taste, but understand that many find that sort of humor funny. Likely because they distance themselves from the tragedy of the event and use humor to cope. It’s included for two reasons. It was one of the most upvoted clips in the thread, and this is a video covering the most upvoted clips in the thread (1+1=2). Secondly, I did not think this video would go viral like this, so I did not think about preparing this video for a large audience.
I’m sorry if it’s inclusion offends you.

Original description from June 14:

If you didn’t make it, comment which clip made you ‘lose it’. 🙂

I’m way too lazy to link all 53 clips, so here is the thread in which you can find almost all of them:

Only clip I didn’t take from there is the puppy-clip at 4:55. That is a home video that my sister recorded. I have uploaded the clip here:


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  1. you have 18k subs, what are you putting that annotation there for in the beginning? worried some rando is gunna get you banned for hate speech? although with what happened to the guy who made the videos with the nazi pug i guess you can't be too careful

  2. I hate to admit it, but 4:26 got me

    There was just a combination of the way that she enthusiastically said go and then the noise that she made as soon as she was immediately face planted by the dog. Also, it’s the perfect short length to just catch you off guard

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