Guy Picks Up Car To Get Out Of Parking Space | Hulk Strength

When this guy was stuck in a tight parking space, he decides his best option is to just pick up the car and move it!
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  1. That was so unnecessary. All he had to do was roll the bike out of the way, back his car up a little, and then make a sharp right while driving out in forward. Plus, those kind of cars aren't heavy, especially in the back where he lifted it. No engine back there, no seats, just 2 wheels and the frame. Little something called physics.

  2. looks like he's done this before, otherwise who would even think to just lift it and slide it out of the spot, and then proceed to do so on the first try without even having to go for a different grip or anything.

  3. Yesterday after watching this video, I found myself in a Similar situation, So I attempted to lift my tahoe by the rear and push it, I got 2 herniated disk and a pinched nerve. SMH

  4. I went to travel, and my car jammed in the sand, and I said, "It's not that heavy." so I tried to get up, I could not, I called two more guys, we could not, we called ten guys, and we could not, and then three more guys,

    I had seen this video, and I was … speechless.

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