Global Wealth Inequality – (See description for 2017 updates) What you never knew you never knew

NOTE: Firstly, we know about and apologise for the incorrect map in this version of the video, there is an update version in the playlist with a corrected map.

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SUPPORT US TO UPDATE THIS VIDEO: Our Global Inequality video has been viewed over 1 million times since it was first uploaded to Youtube in 2013. It has been used in classrooms, lecture halls, referenced in speeches, watched at home and has informed government and NGO policy.

It’s also incredibly out of date. We would like to raise US $2,000 to cover the cost of working with an animator from Ghana to create an updated version of the video. With continued support from the community we will go onto make more and more regular video content and online and offline mainstream culture hacking interventions to support the transition to a fairer, more beautiful post-capitalism world.

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Production Company: Grain Media (; Motion Graphics Artist: Nick Pittom (; Music: Sup Doodle and Apple Juice Kid (; References: Accompanying article in Al Jazeera:

Written by Yaipoo


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  1. The reason why these countries airport it’s not because it’s because of the low IQs that’s why I Q does determine your life how come you have a joke you in China America and Europe Japan Kurt South Korea is about 100 to 105

  2. Isn’t interesting that The top 25 countries in the world that are the poorest are the ones are the most socialist and have low property rights yea your not fooling me communist

  3. Well if you dont fucking work hard in school then you dont deserve to get paid as much as the people who worked hard in school. How much more fucking simple can it get.

  4. Poor people in my community can still afford tanning shops and tattoos and flat screen TVs. People on welfare still have holidays overseas. Sub-saharan Africa is doing well now. How? I'll give you a clue. Its to do with access to mobile phones and it's absolutely nothing to do with socialism. And no, I didn't invent the mobile phone and so I'm not in the top 1%. (Although because I live in the West, I am, globally speaking). Look around you. No the system isn't perfect, but come now. Money buying political power is the real conversation.

  5. With the Republikkkan's new US tax bill this wealth inequality is going to grow even wider. And yet those at the very bottom of that scale praise Trump as if he was a God.

    Only education and knowledge will bring light to the ignorant. However, Plato's "The Allegory of the Cave" is as true today as it was thousands of years ago.

  6. Wealth isn't distributed. It is earned. It is comforting to cry out about inequality and oppression when you think that you are the one being oppressed. How many of the worlds population have no access to the internet, to reliable electricity, to regular meals, to indoor plumbing or even clean water. Yup, all these folks commenting here in their own homes, with reliable electricity, clean water coming out of their faucets, and access to so much food that they are overweight, are just outraged about the "rich" not even realizing they are the rich. Who among you is willing to surrender your wealth for the real poor folks? That's right sit there in your comfortable chair, in your comfortable house, and eat yourself into obesity as you complain about how bad it is for you. Take comfort in the delusion of believing that you are the poor while being manipulated into being an armchair activist for oppression.

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