Creating Saturday Night Live: Series Trailer – SNL

The Emmy-nominated series Creating Saturday Night Live gives fans unprecedented access to the making of Saturday Night Live.


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  1. Lorne Michaels should have retired decades ago. The show, with a very few gifted exceptions, is mostly not at all funny, just decadent, poorly written and acted, hatched in his shallow soul and junior high school brain.

  2. Please put together a Best of John McCain. The Streisand Songs, The QVC skit with Cindy's cameo, his creepy husband skit w Amy Poehler…he might've been one of the funniest politicians on SNL!

  3. The show is mired in delusion. The political stuff is now beyond satire or humor. Nobody in their right mind really cares how this stuff happens. Keep making me laugh 1/4 of the time. That's all I need. I don't care about much else. Throw away clap trap. Sorry to be too honest….

  4. Hey everyone!!
    I recently uploaded a coloring video of "Pam and Jim" I would like to ask if any of you would mind giving me some feedback and suggestions to for future uploads and ways to improve as well!

    Thank you!

  5. i think they already published this series? they occasionally upload behind the scenes videos and i think every single thing they showed here was already showed in one of the behind the scenes videos

  6. I wonder where do all these efforts go into? You are no better than a daily late night show. Same never-ending impeachment porn, preaching to the choir, screaming at Trump with obscenities, recycling same jokes ad infinitum.Tired Kate repeats her creepy Jeff Sessions routine, Alec. B plays panicking Trump and sucks dick of shirtless Vladimir Putin. 10 minutes of DNC talking points in Weekend Update and for dessert – and live audience catharsis – De Niro will do his looming Robert Muller stuff. Or just call Trump some wild derogatory name and will be drawn in ovation for his bravery.

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