People can’t believe Tom Cruise dropped in on Vic and Bob

As if to swoop in and comfort us in our hour of great need, Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer are back on our tellies with four special episodes of their Big Night Out – it’s almost as though they were never away. With their international comedy status secured, they’ve managed to attract an A-list guest, in the shape of Tom Cruise – the actor. Not his exact shape, to be fair.

It does look like him, but the eagle-eyed amongst you might have spotted that it was actually not him, but actor Vaun Earl Norman – shocking, I know. You might want to replay it to check for yourself.

If you were wondering how Vaun nailed the performance, this might explain it.

These are some of the things people were saying about Vic and Bob’s Big Night Out.

The last word has to go to Tom Cruise, himself.

Source: BBC

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Tom Cruise dropped in on Vic and Bob