Brutally Honest Review of James Charles Clothing Line- Sisters Apparel

James Charles sisters apparel clothing line is getting a brutally honest review! After my try on haul and review of Emma Chamberlain’s high key, let’s see how james charles merch works on my curvy mid size body! Watch more Brutally Honest Reviews and Youtuber Merch Reviews:

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Hey curvy babes! Today I’m taking a look at James Charles merch and doing a brutally honest review of Sisters Apparel, his clothing line. James’ merch is done through Jeffree Star’s company, and I wasn’t able to get a straight answer on if the clothes are produced ethically, but I tackled all the other big questions- quality, price, fit, sizing. Thank goodness James didn’t do one size fits all like Emma Chamberlain in her clothing line!

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  1. no tea no shade but she is not a size M. I’m a size M in the bottom and I’m sponge bob square body and I’m 105 lbs also I’m 14
    No hate just a fact
    also she literally goes I’m a size M/L and I sized up to XL or 2xl I’m not sure but ITS SUPPOSED TO BE LOOSE ON UR THIGHTS

  2. If you watch Shane Dawson’s docuseries with Jeffree Starr, they go on a tour of the Killer Merch warehouse. It’s didn’t look like, to me, that the merch was manufactured in the warehouse (at least from what they show).

  3. If I see buffoon wearing that long belt…. You gotta bet your Gucci butt that Imma tug it.. …that look like a leash… So don't be pretending that it's hipster style ?

  4. things being a little more expensive, is a good thing. That may mean it's more fair fashion/ethical. Although I really don't think James made them expensive at all, I would not expect anything less 🙂 Great video..and honestly the oversized hoodie and belt suited you SO well!

  5. Hey I noticed you had trouble with the sizes in most of these clothes… except for one ones that you sized up in. Now this isn’t hate but I feel like you should really rethink the size that you were shooting for initially. You mentioned that you were a size 10 in the other video of Emma’s clothing line and was just kinda confused since I also live in the US and I’m a little smaller than you and I fit an XL and size 18 in pants (generally) I know that there are “different body types” and all but I look like you with a smaller waist, broad shoulders, big bottom half but you just have more boobs that me lol. I saw how the joggers fit you kinda poorly because you got them in a large instead and when you got the shorts in a 2X THEY FIT YOU PERFECTLY AND LOOKED SO AMAZING. I was like this and I just thought that the size of my clothes defined how thin I really was. So I went for a size, two sizes down just too make myself feel better about buying bigger things. Even if the small clothes were ill fitting and just made me look bigger and the well fitting ones made me look really nice. I just want you to look good AND feel good.

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