Relationship Expectations Vs. Reality (20 Illustrations)

Big-budget Hollywood movies and polished Instagram feeds might give you the impression that romantic relationships have to be perfect. Well, they can’t. And when you let go of the popular obsession with unachievable idealistic love, you allow room for your perfectly imperfect relationship to blossom.

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To highlight this point, Bored Panda has illustrated the differences between what’s usually expected of romantic moments and their true forms. From snacking in bed to sleeping poses and beyond, the outcome of your attempt to create something special doesn’t matter, it’s what you make of it that does. And there’s no better person to make the best of the mundane than your significant other. Scroll down to check out the images and fire up our other original series once your done (21 Ways Your Life Changes From Your 20s To Your 30s, 20 Brutally Honest Comics That Show How Your Life Changes After Having Kids).

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