DIY | Building a forge

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  1. Nice bbq grill ? Will the grill racks be in part 2 ? I guess the title for part 2 will be diy forging a hotdogs lol . I see the fan didn't work to many restrictions that fan was not made to have back pressure you need high pressure but low volume type fan and a bigger hole in floor for air to enter the hotspot hope this helps .Like the sound effects made it a good video

  2. So many quick cuts to save where more expensive shop tools or specialty items would have done EXACTLY the same thing!!! Great video, great solutions! I can see where an ash/clinker clean out could be included but if you have a constant strong input airflow then…maybe not necessary?

  3. You need 1. the air concentrated more….not spread out like that. 2. a shallower forge so you are not having to angle the steel down into the hot coals (that causes the tip to get hotter than the other parts and therefore some parts will get too hot while others not hot enough. and 3. draft control on fan so you can turn the air up and down.

  4. Would like to see this in action. Don't think the fan would move nearly enough air and it looks like the air would be way too diffused coming up through the bottom plate. I could be wrong. Thanks for the video.

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