Top Ultimate Winter Retarded Drivers Fails


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  1. Russian cars seem to stop as well in winter as they do in summer, do the drivers even try to stop? It's like they see the other car coming, they just go, "oh, well…"

  2. You'd think these stupid Ruskies would at least know how to drive in winter weather.. seeing as it's like always winter in Russia LMFAO.
    About 30,000 Russians a year die in auto accidents. This is quite a lot considering there are relatively not so many cars in Russia. Common factors for crashes in Russia include speeding, driving irresponsibly, driving under the influence of alcohol, failure to wear seatbelts and inadequate law enforcement. The inadequate Russian infrastructure also contributes to road crashes. Many Russian drivers have never even passed a drivers test and drive with no driver’s license, or buy a driver’s license from officials. Driver education is poor to non existent. A person can easily purchase a driver's license in Russia for $500, which pretty much explains why there's many accidents and fatalities on Russian roads.

  3. Sometimes it seems, it is some kind of status symbol to be involved in an accident in Russia. If my light turns green and I see someone still crossing the intersection, I don't just jump out there!

  4. Me when I saw the title of the video: "that's not nice to call people retards. Its offensive."

    Me after seeing the video: "omg you flippin retarded idiots! Are you actually slow?? Are you completely incapable of making sound decisions??"

  5. *The most dangerous thing that many people do Right After an accident, is get out of their vehicles*. If there isn't a fire or fuel leaking everywhere, the safest place to stay is INSIDE your vehicle until the accident scene can be secured. If you exit the vehicle right after a wreck, there is a Very good chance of getting hit by other drivers, or getting pinned between vehicles.
    If you do have to exit the vehicle, then get a good ways Off and Away from the Road, that way if someone else driving tries to avoid the wrecked vehicles and runs off the road you won't get hit!

  6. What does it say about us, that a country of idiots…

    who drive too fast in the snow…
    who pass when it's obvious you shouldn't…
    and who don't plow their roads…

    are able to successfully sway our most important election.

    not so sure the real idiots are the ones in these videos.

  7. I give you a definite thumbs up for the title of this video.I saw the biggest majority of these accidents preventable if they were driving sensibly for the weather and road conditions as well as paying attention to the road instead of God only knows what they were doing,probably texting.Sad part about these retards is that they always have to include others into their mess.

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