PLEASE READ FIRST~ I Cut my fabric on a scarf in a way that would save on fabric for another DIY Im planning. Please cut the fabric how you choose.
I wanted to get in a Christmas mood to begin my home decorating, so I started with some DIYs. I make 7 farmhouse style “ KITCHEN CABINET WREATHS” , a couple of “ CABIN STYLE LANTERNS” with red & black buffalo check, with fur trim, ( and even antlers in the greenery) and a couple of “ FAUX BIRCHWOOD CANDLE HOLDERS” I’m so happy with how they all turned out! They were so much fun too. I hope you guys like them just as much.??⛄️??


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  1. Tina, I love these DIYs! So glad I stumbled on your channel this morning. I was wondering how to decorate the cooking area of my kitchen, and the little cabinet wreaths are perfect. Also I bought a remnant of buffalo check at Walmart yesterday with no specific plans for it, and along came your lanterns. I subscribed immediately and checked out your channel to see what else you’ve posted, as your crafts are definitely to my taste. Can’t wait for the stores to open to get the rest of the supplies. One question. I have 11 long upper cabinet doors and 4 of them are glass. Is that too many wreaths? Should I put wreathes on the glass or leave them off? Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  2. Tina … why not cut the plaid scarf lengthwise to get the exact size of the pot? Cut in half & you have the correct size for 2 pots! BTW, these are adorable diy's!

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