Louis Smith makes HUGE career reveal yet fans are more bothered by his hair

Lorraine: Louis Smith made a career reveal on the ITV show, and admitted he was retiring from gymnastics [ITV]

Strictly Come Dancing star Louis Smith made a groundbreaking announcement about his gymnastics career on Lorraine – yet fans were more bothered by his barnet.

The double Olympic silver medal winner starred on Thursday’s episode of the ITV chat show in a interview which saw him confess he was retiring from the sport.

Yet viewers were hugely distracted by his highly volumised hair-do, with the perfect bouffant design compared by many to cartoon character, Johnny Bravo.

Lorraine: The Olympic silver medal winner said he needed to make a ‘smart choice’ about his future [ITV]

One took to Twitter to quip: “Ooofty has Louis Smith modelled his hair on Johnny Bravo?” as another asked: “Who told Louis Smith that Iced Gem hair cut was acceptable.”

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A third continued: “What’s going on with this guys haircut choices over the years, first a man bun, now this,” while one put: “Check than Barnet out.”

Another fan then rounded off with: “#lorraine big big announcement with his big big hair.”

Lorraine: The sports ace won Strictly Come Dancing in 2012 [ITV]

Meanwhile, Louis told how he made his decision to call time on his professional sporting career at a time when he was forced to consider upping his regime to get back to a competitive level for upcoming tournaments.

He told host Lorraine Kelly how it was a “very tough decision” and how in the sporting world, the 29 year old was “getting on a little bit”.

The Strictly champion added: “Certain situations arise, the qualification process has changed and there’s a minuscule chance I will qualify.

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - AUGUST 14:  Silver medalist Louis Smith of Great Britain celebrates on the podium at the medal ceremony for the Men's Pommel Louis’ look was a stark contrast from his former man bun

“New opportunities come up and I have to make smart choices and unfortunately, I can’t keep putting on a leotard.

“It has been a very hard career but a very fun one, and very rewarding.”

Lorraine continues every weekday at 8.30am on ITV.

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