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  1. The first douche that was listening to Green Day was blocking faster moving traffic by driving slow in the left lane. He accelerates to keep cars from passing him and then causes a wreck. He should not be allowed to drive at all.

  2. if i wanted to see REGULAR traffic mistakes and MINOR driver errors I'd go WAIT for a Bus…..INSTANT…put some EFFORT into it..

    ONLY violent, crazy CRASHES & FIGHTS, please…yu know…"RAGE"?….fuk

  3. The "Go back" man is a hero. He saved many lives that day. The people in the van are so ungrateful, they do could have gotten horribly injured if not killed if it wasn't for him. Good Job!

  4. Hope that first guy was charged & had to pay a fine & damages, for causing an accident.
    I'm sure he got some sick thrill pitting that car. Hope the smile was wiped off his face.

  5. The first person is an absolute cunt. I hope he had to pay for the damages. Only a cunt would hold up a car behind him then accelerate when they try overtake him

  6. Change the law so that the police can confiscate the phone if pulled over for talking and/or texting, looking at the phone while driving. They can pick it up in court at their hearing. That should put a dent in the phone usage.

  7. 3:20 I got that on camera. I got that on camera…as what happened to my buddy. Don't say shit or someone might steal your go pro, bike, and helmet. Crazy people exist…keep your mouth shut….keep your stuff from being taken at gun point. LOL

  8. The cop was just as dangerous as the woman. Well not really after all any woman behind a wheel are dangerous but he sure as hell was looking more at her then at the road. Just sayin…

  9. A couple months ago I got upset with a BMW driver flipping me off for no reason and I yelled out the window of that he should’ve been one of the 17 people killed in the florida school shooting and he started to follow me and I picked a fight with him and he beat me up pretty badly

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