DIY Crate and Pallet Bed Frame – Pinterest Inspired

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  1. Pienso que las cajas podrían ir 10 o 15 cm mas adentro, esto es para que cuando tiendas la cama, tus zapatos no se topen con las cajas y en 2da el centro de la tabla no se doble con el tiempo. Pero me encantó mucho, mucho tu idea ? te felicitó

  2. I know you have replied to lots of comments about how well the middle will hold up but I'm just wondering, what would you suggest if we did want to add more support just in case?

  3. I’d put more support in the middle because over time that will start to sag since it is a soft material (compared to metal). That’s why most wooden bed frames have extra support underneath.

  4. Wow! It looks like an expensive bed frame! It’s almost a small catamaran. It’s F – ing stunning! I’m not kidding. I’ve been dreaming about something like this. I have a photo of a posh bed in London uk I slept in and have been determined to find something close in beauty and function. It had a sort of wrap around headboard and shelves. I live the way you spaced your apart like a catamaran. It adds the elegance mist bed frames lack because it seems they’re constructed in a way that looks messy or overcrowded. I love you!

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