Did Ann Coulter Save USA with funny & brilliant Immigration CPAC Speech?

I found Ann Coulters immigration speech at CPAC electrifying. I hope you do too.Immigration is our number one issue- it affects all other issues. Coulter says she is finally deciding to make stopping another amnesty her main issue. I pray she is not too late.
Most American workers regardless of party affiliation have wanted less immigration for decades, but have received the exact opposite.

The Democrat leaders want more immigration for the voters.

The GOP RINO traitors want more immigration for the compliant cheap labor.

Many Libertarians want endless immigration to bankrupt and end social programs.

The Globalists want to import a new electorate that will be dumbed down, have no historical connection with the native born citizens and will be easily led and duped.

The religious leaders want more immigrants to fill their empty seats.

The environmentalists like the Sierra Club got paid 100 million dollars to never talk about the dangers of immigration to our environment again.

The ethnic advocates , instead of demanding their fellow immigrants assimilate as did prevous generations of immigrants, encourage them to maintain their culture,language and morals and values at odds with traditional America so best to increase their own power.

The academics love immigration as theyget to charge an endless supply of foreign students higher tuition to fund their inflated ever increasing salaries.

The liberal press gets to wear a huge moral crown caring more for the “others” while ignoring the working poor here now and keeping the same narrative in their immigration stories for decades, which is all immigrants and immigration are good, and all who want less immigration are evil.

We do not have a lot of time left.

Make immigration your core issue.

Vote accordingly.

Please pass this along to others who are interested in immigration or mirror it and post on your site.

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and regardless of political party, al local,county,state or federal level of office, vote and throw the weasels out.

music by Kevin Macleod
original video uploaded and owned by CPAC


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  1. I think many people forget how you got your country.
    There are no illegal human beings. If there were. The aboriginal people could have butchered us years ago with just cause.
    Yet they were better people then the invaders. And now we call another people "illegal"
    You should be ashamed of yourselves.
    There are no borders. Perhaps you forgot borders are done through conquest and death. The states stole the southwest in a war.

    Canada took the white house in 1812 should we be allowed to keep it?? Of course not !!

  2. I know Ms. Coulter loves our çountry just like Gov.Bush, Sen. Cruz, Gov. Christie, Gov Romney…etc. However, when we're talking about the importance of the principals and how to put it into execution efficiently and effectively, we must think about the wining first. Because without the wining, whatever you talk, think or want are not practically help much, although many people are there to help out or try hard to help. Because we love America's spirits of the freedoms and entrepreneurship and constitutions, not any ideologies to change our lovely great America's Capitalism systems of the liberty and entrepreneurship systems to anything else, but our own exceptional foundations. When we are talking about the wining, the most important thing is the wining strategies and the total unity of the Party. Because the strength comes from the unity. Any unwise long lasting splitting can cause the massive damages to mislead and confusion to the positive and the potential voters. Republican Party should focus on the major principals and the facts of the dangers and damages to our country's foundation and future of our country's exceptional systems and foreign policies. Instead of the comparison between the contenders internally, but it is very important to compare between the America's spirit and ideologies, between the America's patriotism, principles of the America's foundation of the liberty, entrepreneurship and the other totally different systems by ideologies from the Marxist, between the patriotism and the opposite direction of the ignoring, between the wrong doing from the right doings by the rules of the laws, between the immigrants who loves America's exceptionalism and those unknown with the purposes. Because most of the Maxican immigrants are very artistic and hard working persons and they came here for their American dreams as the rest of us. They also love to enjoy America's freedoms and entrepreneurship. They also understand the importance of the priciples of country's constitutions. This is why I understand Gov.Bush's views to Spanish Speakers' America's dreams. It is not only because his long time loving Maxican wife and Eurasian children has affected him deeply, it is his loving-kindness nature. However, Gov. Bush is also a law abiding person and he fully understands that he can't make the massive Amnesty by himself, but through the Congress. He is worried for those young and educated here without the criminal records who recognize America's exceptionalism, just let them work here without citizenship. He also agreed the importance of the closing the borders and said, let's do it now. I believe Gov.Bush's heart of the gold and the principals of the rules of laws will win people's votes by people's nature. Moreover, I also believe the importance of the honesty and principles of the Medias, because when the medias stands by the facts of the truth honestly, stand by the priciples of the right doings, stands by our America's patriotism, interest, benefits and future only, American people who loves our country's spirit of the freedoms and entrepreneurship will be more interested and convinced for their news, talk shows, comedies…etc. Otherwise, Americans who loves America's exceptionalism will definitely wondering why it twisted the real truth again or why they never mention the serious wrong doings from the Democratic Party again, or are they still stands firmly by our country's principles of America's spirit of the freedoms and entrepreneurship, or do they really believe as a civilized country, the rules of of the laws are no more necessary, or will wondering as Americans of the United States, the America's patriotism can be ignored or removed. However, to me, I believe all of the above mentioned are extremely important to us. It subjects to our country's foundation of the liberty and entrepreneurship, security and safety issues, good morality issues, maitain in our country in orders by principles issues, and the issues of our country's future…etc. This is why we must make sure the background of the medias, leaderships are with America's patriotism and principles. Because it is very important for our country's goodness and safety for now and future.

  3. Why can't people understand the RULE OF LAW regarding immigration?  We cannot accept ILLEGAL immigrants and grant them amnesty over and above the law in this country.  ILLEGAL immigration is degrading. These people BROKE THE LAW!  If we grant them awards for that THEN WHAT DOES THAT SAY ABOUT OUR LAW??  It says that our integrity in keeping to the principles of the RULE OF LAW means absolutely nothing! This cannot happen!  ILLEGALS must be deported.  They must go back and STAND IN LINE TO BE LEGAL.  If this does not happen, the States in this country have the right to SUE the federal gov't for not upholding the RULE OF LAW and the Constitution.  This is a huge problem, folks.  Expect many States in this country suing the American Gov't.  This is what will severely diminish this country.  AMNESTY is an EXTREMELY BAD IDEA!

  4. (9 minute mark):  – she REALLY needs to stop putting words in Democrats' mouths – what WE think of your side s A LOT more true than what you think of our side!!! Actually BUSH did much worse than Obama (in 2004) – he won MANY fewer electoral votes !!! also: **I guarantee** Republicans, an ANTI amnesty Republican will NOT be elected President in 2016!!!

  5. Yes Ann, Republicans have always been the best friend of the black man….AT LEAST since 1960 Democrats have done more and cared more about black issues…before that MAYBE they were even with, at times, Republicans being more interested in that issue…but the SALIENT point is that since the early 60's the DEMS have OBVIOUSLY been they more pro civil rights party – ANYBODY over 5 knows that, including Republicans!

  6. Its the republican love for reverse robin-hood politics that has doomed the GOP.
    As long as your attitude is this: the way to address the GOP failure in the Latino and black community is to do everything possible to keep them from voting… then you will fail and no amount of immigration reform will help you at all. You must address the reason why the Latino community does not like the GOP in the first place (they are largely religious catholic community of large families and family values). It is pointless to expend yourself trying to keep them from voting. And when they finally do get to vote, they will never forget what you did.

  7. Anne gave some good facts… yet America must still be the land of opertunity as so many
    illegals keep coming. I don't blame them but like Anne it is time to make them come legally
    The other thing is our party doesn't need to move to the left… you can't compete with santa
    so lets find someone that can fix the problems. I don't know yet who that would be…
    but we don't need another top down thug primary election. Raise up grass roots let's roll.

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