This story about a doughnut shop is the most heartwarming thing you’ll read today The Poke

If you’re sick of hearing nothing but terrible things about how people treat each other – from rising crime figures to the campaign tweets of Donald Trump – this story of how a community is supporting a shopkeeper will warm your heart. California resident, John Chhan, runs a doughnut shop in Seal Beach – or a donut store, if you want it in the vernacular.

Recently, his wife, Stella, has been seriously ill after suffering an aneurysm; John naturally wants to spend more time with her. Unfortunately, he can’t afford to stop work, which is where his customers have stepped up – they have been flocking into his store and buying up his entire stock by 7:30 every day, allowing John to leave and spend time helping his wife during her long recovery.

This clip from ABC7 tells the story.

One loyal customer even asked if he could start a crowdfunder for the couple, but John insists that selling out of doughnuts is all he needs. It’s enough to warm the cockles of your heart.

Source: ABC7

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