This RAF veteran had the perfect response to someone who trolled him for not wearing a poppy The Poke

World War Two veteran Harry Leslie Smith is not a man to be messed with, except it appears that some people are still learning this fact. The hard way.

We only mention this after Smith, a writer and political commentator who is now in his 90s, went on Twitter to say this.

It generated lots of opinions and debate, as anything about poppies (and especially not wearing one) does right now. In particular, it prompted someone called @joofford to say this.

‘Harry, brave young men died so that idiots like you would have the freedom to spout your rubbish. Be more respectful. #Remembrance2018’

To which Harry had the perfect reply.

Quite so.

It’s a shutdown that can be used with great effect on a variety of topics. Take this exchange he had with a Trump supporter on the occasion of the so-called president’s visit to the UK a little while ago.



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