Teenage girls facing tough punishment – Class Room Video

A Class Room scene


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  1. Please don't be angry. I'm guessing that person never had to bare their legs and get down on their knees in front of people. Its different when you had to kneel and be feeling low and you try not to be thinking about your shame but you keep feeling the floor against your bare knees and so you are knowing your shame. I deserved my punishment and did learn my lesson.

  2. When someone is talking about something that was very painful to them in their childhood, it is common decency to respect their feelings. A lot of women don't think it's a big deal if a woman laughs and points at a man and says his penis is small, but I guarantee you it will hurt the man and if I then say "WTF' to the man, I am being insensitive.

  3. i went to religious girls' school. we were made to lift our skirts a bit & kneel to be punished for talking in class or being rude or disrespectful. If a girl was punshed, she knelt in a front corner of the room for the rest of the class. If it happened near the end of the class, she would be made to kneel for the last few minutes & all of the next class. It was during our teen yrs. i got cut down twice. 1st time taught me my lesson. 2d was because i was blamed w/other girls. i cried.

  4. i never meant for that to be ranting. i apologize. i guess i'm just a silly girl, but kneeling to be punished while people watch humbled me. i was lower than everyone else and i could feel the floor pressing my bare knees to remind me i was cut down. Have you ever been made to kneel?

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