Saudi teenage girls break the law by hanging out in the street

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Saudi Arabian voters elected women candidates for the first time in the country’s history on Sunday, but women still suffer under a system of extensive sexual apartheid. These teenage girls are breaking to law just by hanging out on a street corner.

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  1. ايشبهم هذول الثلاث ؟ صاحيين؟
    حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل
    عايشين في بلد ما ينقصهم فيه شيء ويتفلسفوا.
    على ايش؟ ايش الي محرومين منه؟
    قلة أدب قلة أخلاق قلة تربية

  2. Would be nice If somebody from saudi could answer me this question… i’m confused because i’ve seen everywhere that women are not supossed to go out anywhere alone without a male guardian. I don’t see a male guardian here anywhere… can women go to the mall alone on their own?

  3. Westerners bro stop it . They say freedom means you decide and choose what you want in ur area and organisation and wants to force thier devil laws and ideologies to the rest of the world , who cares even if the suadi arabi says dont hang out , its the countrys law , why are you so worried about it ? is it in a western country which is happening . Bro these wesetern never let you alone .

  4. What rubbish! It's so normal to see women sitting on pavements and circles and squares in Saudi! Especially at prayer times. Who comes up with these ideas? It's because the western women suffered a lot as women and because only recently they found freedom to educate themselves go to universities speak their mind, they think women in other parts of the world must have been suffering in the same way that they did

  5. Sister dont consider the system in saudi is all according to islamic principle. Some of them are avainst it. So called islamic nation not tepresenting real islam

  6. Once will be this country lead by women and they put all those tyrans – men in the jail!!! You are sick people to treat women like that. DONT FORGET WHERE YOU COME FROM! FROM WOMEN!!

  7. I will believe the people who has the proper knowledge about this not the one that I just randomly saw in the street and ask about the hijab especially if she's just a teenager who only loves to party and hangout.

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