Impossible Teenage Girl has Period in Water

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  1. These people that made this video are a bunch of idiots. Doing a useless prank for a YouTube video, and they have to close the entire pool just because some idiots at Trollstation had a dumb idea for a video. I hope karma caught up to you, and if it hasn't yet, I hope it doesn't treat you nicely at all. Have a horrible day.
    Edit: I'm directing this towards Trollstation, so please no hate comments.

  2. This video just has to be fake because if it were real, there would have been a continuous trail of blood from her vagina area. Number two, I know even as a man that girls DO NOT get periods like this. Thirdly, I knew right away that something was up when I saw that girl at the very beginning of this video holding that little bottle of red liquid with it being unclear as to what she was going to do with it. My response to this video and whoever did what to make it: OH MY SMELLY SHIT!

  3. For everyone saying that your period stops in water, that’s not true at all. I’ve been swimming before and I had my period while I was in the pool. I had a tampon in but it still can happen.

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