DIY Minecraft Cardboard Figure | Craft Ideas for Kids on Box Yourself

Here’s how to turn yourself into a DIY Minecraft character using cardboard and pixels! You can use it as a toy to play with, or put it on your desk. Let me know in the comments which popular video game, movie/tv-show or celebrity I should make in my next Box Stars videos!

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  1. Thank you box yourself this is really HelpFul for my exam

    Story: thre is an exam for crafting something w/ OLD boxes then i followed everything you told me ant then i got an A+ now im the teachers favourite??????

  2. Me I am a Dragon girl it is white and light blue I named it GamingDragonGirl U should see my videos I am going to make one
    It is my first time so I will Meet u guys maybe idk and I hope u guys
    Will enjoy my first video!!!!!!!!!!! :3

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