Dane Cook – Stand Up Comedy Full Show 2018 – Best Comedian Ever

Dane Cook – Stand Up Comedy Full Show 2018 – Best Comedian Ever
If you guys are close to me in age you grew up in an era where Dane Cook was absolutely everywhere! Going from comedy clubs to selling out Maddison Square Gardens to then becoming a hot commodity in Hollywood, Dane Cook accomplished more than most performers could ever dream of and it feels like he did it all in record time. Unfortunately it seems like things slowed down for “The Enunciator” in more recent years. Now, I myself am a huge Dane Cook fan and feel like he would of been a pretty solid choice to take on the role of Deadpool – instead we see him on Instagram posting dad photo’s with his dog. Scripting this story I quickly got the feeling that me and Dane Cook have a few things in common. He’s certainly accomplished a lot more than me but we are both raised Irish Catholic and share a tight bond with our parents. On top of this, we are both currently the victims of fat shamming. Ya, that’s right I read all your comments…


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  1. 50 people way funnier
    1. Dave Chappelle
    2. Bill Burr
    3. Tom Segura
    4. Doug Stanhope
    5. Patrice O'neal
    6. Louis CK
    7. Norm Macdonald
    8. Joan Rivers
    9. Jerry Seinfeld
    10.George Carlin
    11. Jim Jefferies
    12. Chris Rock
    13. Big Jay Oakerson
    14. Eddie Murphy
    15. Richard Pryor
    16. George Carlin
    17. Bill Hicks
    18. Bernie Mac
    19. Don Rickles
    20. Greg Giraldo
    21. Russell Peters
    22. Kevin Hart
    23. Gilbert Gotfried
    24. Hannibal Burress
    25. Steve Martin
    26. Ari Shaffir
    27. Bert Kriescher
    28. Ron White
    29. Jim Breuer
    30. Andrew Dice Clay
    31.Jim Gaffigan
    32. Jeff Ross
    33. Artie Lange
    34. Daniel Tosh
    35. Sam Kinison
    36. Nick Dipaolo
    37. Jimmy Carr
    38. Nick Swardson
    39. Colin Quinn
    40. Jim Norton
    41. Greg Fitzsimmons
    42. Chris D'elia
    43. Tiffany Haddish
    44. Joe Rogan
    45. Ricky Gervais
    46. Lisa Lampanelli
    47. Tom Green
    48. Jeff Foxworthy
    49. Katt Williams
    50. Bryan Callen

  2. chicks cheering just to cheer, dane cook is so popular people laugh at everything. Sometimes he's even like what way are they laughing so hard.

  3. Internet is the haternet. 99.9% of these people Talk lots of shit online but they wouldnt even think of saying 1% of the nasty stuff they say in person. I feel like its a fact.. I even do it myself

  4. I've been trying to listen to Dane Cook for years, I first started many many years ago when a girl I used to fuck tried to get me to listen to him, and I have to admit he just was not funny then and he is not funny now, he is the most unfunny comedian I've ever heard and I have no idea how people think he is funny…

  5. I was so excited for this but wow! Dane has lost his magic. This was hard to watch. He was so much more lively and loud and entertaining in his VIcious Cycle series. I watched that a million times but this was nothing like that! Some material was good but his delivery was just monotonous. And what is with the stupid banner!

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