All Golden Buzzers Auditions on America’s Got Talent 2018 | Got Talent Global

Watch all the amazing golden buzzers on America’s Got Talent 2018 (AGT), who did you think was the best out of all the auditions?? Let us know in the comments below…

▶︎ Courtney Hadwin:

▶︎ Michael Ketterer:

▶︎ Makayla Phillips:

▶︎ Amanda Mena:

▶︎ Flau’jae:

▶︎ Angel City Chorale:

▶︎ Zurcaroh:

▶︎ Voices Of Hope Children’s Choir:

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  1. Absolutely loved the first performance. That voice, that sound, just god… I love it! Got up and I was dancing like crazy. Played it 5 times now on repeat and I don't regret it. Loved the fact to that the music moved her entire body! She was so into it man. ^^

  2. That kid's choir really got me (and Mel B. too it appears). They were emotional even before the song ended. God bless the lady choir director, that must be so much work but you can tell it's a labor of love, both directions

  3. 海外の個々の才能を称え尊敬の意を表す姿って凄い素敵

  4. ive noticed this before, but when going through random singers on got talent, they always have a sob story like they've been bullied or their mom or dad died. they still are amazing singers but i've noticed this often

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